Open Up Guide for Agriculture

A guide for governments to open agricultural data, created by GODAN and the Open Data Charter.

How to use this guide

This guide aims to help governments to prioritize and publish relevant datasets for agricultural development. The guide was created for policymakers and civil society who want to inform decision makers on open data and agriculture, understand how open data can make a difference for the agricultural sector and food security, and start developing an open data strategy for agricultural transformation in their country or region. The guide focuses on three elements, why open data is important, what data should be opened based on policy perspectives, and what elements should make up a strategy. We are actively looking for governments that we can help implement the guide, so please reach out to us using the "Contact" section if you would like to work with us.

The Open Up Guide for Agriculture provides guidance on the key elements of opening datasets in agriculture. 


Learn why it is important that governments open agricultural data


Learn what data is needed to catalyze sustainable agricultural production


Take action to create and implement an open data strategy

Several governments are already opening up data for agricultural transformation. Go to “Governments in Action” to see visions, use cases and other examples of governments putting open data into action supporting their agricultural sector and SDG2.